Top 25k on The DJ List

Miss Deedy

Zoetermeer, Netherlands



Miss Deedy was born on july 8th 1978 in Scheveningen (NL), on the age of 4 she moved to a place named Zoetermeer. At the age of 8 she was listening to music 24/7; She recorded every song from the radio she liked, on a cassette tape and played them back and forward ’till she could dream the lyrics. In these days she realised that she had good feeling for the music and was dreaming of a glorious future as a singer.

Years later she started singing classes and still had that dream in mind of becoming a great singer. In that same time she worked at a small bar where she started serving beer’s. But when the DJ took off, she was interested to give it a try, since the feeling for music was allready there. The fact is that she never touched a beer again, unless she’s drinking one!

After a few years spending her weekend behind de cd-players, she realised that she had to make a important choice; “Do I want to sing or spin…” The lifestyle of a DJ is not very good for a voice unless it’s trained regulary and there just wasn’t enough time to practice both.

The choice was made very easy when Miss Deedy was invited to come and play the tunes at Grand Café Vrienden every weekend. This was her first payed DJ-job ever, which she could pay her own SL’s (turntabels) of!

And since the time she started there, it went faster than the speed of light. “People were actually hearing and seeing my enthusiasm. With the positive feedback and compliments I got, the stimulation was even bigger to get better and better.”

Nowadays she played the tunes in some great places, and there’s just more 2 come!

The most recognizable about the tunes Miss Deedy playes, is the high summer-vibe. She loves to give the croud a ‘summer boost’, so there are much latin and tribal influences whitin’ her music. The finishing touch are the funky beats that make you wanna dance ‘till you drop. She doesn’t only love these styles to spin it, but also to get lose on it herself. And she does this many times during a set.