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Miss Cognati

Den Haag, Netherlands

Electro House, Progressive House

Seen Records
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When Miss Cognati was 20 years old she started producing music for films and commercials realizing the opportunities in the field. In 2007 she began a course Audio Engineering and expand her own development. In april 2011 she began as a DJ and she fell in love with the magic of being a DJ. She says: “It’s like being a conductor in front of an orchestra”.

She played for 1500 people in Utrecht during Queensday, played with several DJ’s in Portugal with no preparation and she worked with different artists, singers and producers such as Sarinah, 2-gether, Brad Grobler, and Beatroyalty to learn all that happends behind the scenes. She started her own label ‘Cognati Records’ to release her own music and those of others which she thinks is great. She also organizes events where she combines several artists to make a fantastic line-up for the crowd.

Miss Cognati is a Music Producer, Mixing Engineer and a eclectic DJ. She playes for the crowd, not in front of the crowd. Miss Cognati, known for shows through Europe, familiar for sets with huge lead themes turning into a massive built up and some absolute heavy beats and baselines! Banging electro progressive, and peak time house music. And on top of that, magic with the crowd!

Right now she’s busy with new releases, giving new performances to let everybody know who Miss Cognati is.