Top 25k on The DJ List

Miss Chula

Santa Clara, United States



Miss Chula aka Jamie Chu’s style is a mix of jazzy, funky, and conga-filled house. She is an avid explorer and traveler, so naturally her vibe is to whisk you away into her world. While exploring all of Europe with only herself and a backpack, she was in awe of the music and atmosphere of what their clubs have to offer. Her goal is to make you get the adrenaline rush she did when she was partying in Ibiza, Spain.

Her first gig was at Hot Import Nights May 2004 after only 10 months of djing. Shortly after that, she kicked the doors open in the San Jose house music scene spinning at Johnny V’s, F&A’s SJ, Blue Monkey, the Dive Bar, and MACLA.

Educated classically, her mother had her playing violin at the age of 9. She later hid the violin in the garage, and self taught guitar at the age of 13. Being heavily influenced by punk/ska/metal/alternative, most people would turn heads from seeing a short Asian girl rocking out to Pantera. Wanting to have her own decks for years, she realized her rockstar dream of being a guitarist would be over because of her carpal tunnel. Miss Chula prys cash from her wallet, gets decks June 2003 and has been an avid vinyl junkie since. Besides those instruments, congas, piano, vocals and producing are also things she’s been doing in her and her boyfriend’s Studio.