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The name Misjah has been on the lips of practically all electronic music artists. With over 13 years of producing tracks, you can definitely say that he’s made a huge impact on the dance scene. It all began in 1991 with releases as “Dyewitness”.

After a few releases, Midtown (the company which released his first records) asked Misjah to start his own label for them; X-Trax was born on December 1994. He started producing tracks with the help of some friends: DJ Tim, Jeroen (Groovehead) Artists such as Ferry Corsten, Umek, and Piet Bervoets (Rank1) also had releases on X-Trax Classics from this label include: Trippin’ Out, Access, The Club, Special Acid Edition, Watch them dogs, and Funky drive.

Due to the increasing success of X-Trax he was sought after by such artists like: Josh Wink, Jam and Spoon, Reflect, Format One, Finitribe, Denki Groove, etc to produce remixes for them.

Misjah has also produced under various artist/project names in different styles of dance music. After several releases on X-Trax he started the sub-label of X-Trax. On this label he released more minimalist and experimental tracks.

As a DJ he has his own minimal, hard, funky and pumping style. He uses his records as tools (other than just simply playing them), in order to create a different sound and to have a more live effect, he now plays on 3 turntables, Final Scratch and a loop machine. He’s played worldwide in countries like: Germany, Holland, Malta, Spain, France, Macedonia, Belgium, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Scotland, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, India, Luxembourg, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Denmark, the U.K., Canada, Australia, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy, Slovenia, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Japan, and the U.S.A. Misjah has also performed live at such popular events such as Holland’s biggest outdoor dance-event: Dance Valley.

In December 1999 he stopped doing X-Trax due to a dispute with the distributor Midtown. In 2001 he started a new label called ReRun and ReRun Booking’s DJ Agency. The agency is responsible for booking some major players in the techno scene such as Glenn Wilson, Trevor Rockcliffe, Damon Wild, etc. Since 2001 the agency has built quite a reputable name for itself since all of DJ Misjah’s experience in the music industry have shaped what a good agency should be: prompt, reliable and honest.

In 2001- 2004 he has released on numerous labels including: Zync, Mankind, Zync Grooves, Jericho , Pocket, Wetmusik just to name a few. His records can be found in the record bags of such djs as: Adam Beyer, Sven Vath, Carl Cox etc. His own label ReRun had a jump start in early 2004 with CPL Distribution.

His future plan is to have the artists of ReRun bookings release/remix on the label. Misjah will also be releasing or remixing on their labels too, so keep your eyes and ears open…