Misha Beatport


Misha has been fascinated with music all his life, exploring the sounds of various musical instruments and electronic synthesizers. Growing up on the beats of early electronica and moving to the United States in 1992, he became exposed to the world of electronic music by attending “Temple of Fu” event in Omaha, NE in 1999. Ever since then, influenced by the sounds of progressive house and trance he has been digitally producing energetic dance mixes and in 2002 advanced to live mixing with his own set of Pioneer mixer and CD decks. Misha has performed at many local and national clubs and events including The Church (Denver, CO), Bricktop and Sur Tango (Lincoln, NE), Bar415, Nico, Velvet Lounge, Naughty Lounge and The Max (Omaha, NE). In 2005 Misha held a residency at The Max, Omaha’s Premier dance club that was rated in top 10 in the USA by Rolling Stone magazine.

Misha’s music takes you on a journey, exploring the melodic depths of progressive house and trance. His widely known DJ mix “DJ M.S.TRANS – E-MIX VOL.5” (2001) has been on top of internet listener’s charts for years thanks to DigitallyImported Radio.

Misha has been collaborating with Palindrome as PM Project and, after making Chicago his permanent residence in 2005, has been closely working with such talents as James Lauer, Vygo, Blake Jarrell and PeteOne.