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House, Techno

AKA: Elaine Wilkinson, Boomchick

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She stumbled upon micropower radio, it all began in Riverwest Milwaukee at the Junk shop in 1993. There she had her first experiences mixing live, not just making mix tapes for friends. About that time she also began attending electronic dance music parties where the media of choice was vinyl. She was enchanted by the music and watching the djs mix.

When living in Fort Lauderdale for the ‘95-’96 winter, Elaine got her first chance to mix on Technics 1200 turntables and was bit by the DJ bug while working at a small art gallery/record store, Collective Souls. She started with drum and bass: T Power, Roni Size, Soulslinger etc… While simultaneously learning to play African hand drums.

Eventually saving up for her first Tech 12s, Elaine dove into doing cafe/art shows and house parties in Milwaukee. She and her turntables were integral components of Free Radio BOB which eventually transformed into the Wireless Virus Free Radio Collective, an experiment in collective community radio.

The end of 1999 brought Elaine to Minneapolis where she worked a short while with Free Radio Twin Cities as a tech consultant and DJ.

Just after the turn of the century she sold her turntables and put mixing on hold.

Fast forward to 2006. A growing love of house music and the desire for self-expression led Elaine to invest in turntables again. She found the imperialdub website and was immensely inspired by Sunshine Jones (of Dubtribe) and his Sunday Soul netcast at Also Ellaskins the DJTutor of Youtube. She started the boomchick podcast and a youtube channel for sharing.

At the 2007 B-Girl B party at Foundation Nightclub, Elaine was furthur inspired by DJ Shortee and Pam the Funkstress.

In late fall 2007, she broke into the Minneapolis EDM scene at Bi-Polar with a schizophrenic set (made with Ableton Live) in the chillroom.

Expect great things and lots of music with good vibes from Miscellaneous for some time.