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Miroslav Terzin was born 1978 and grew up in small town called Kikinda on the north of Serbia. Since chilldhood he is connected with music through many different ways, always loved weird psychedelic underground sounds which he started to create at the age of 14 in punk, rock, metal bands playing guitar, bass and singing sometimes.

Influenced by the electronic music mixed with hard guitar sounds from the middle of 90’s he started to search for unique sounds which should be implemented in his music but just could’t find a right crew. His musical interests started to rapidly change after he felt the power of Prodigy, Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Fluke and Crystal Method. Those bands “takes” him to the clubs where he falls in love in amazing energy of pure electronica played by both, well known or unknown dj-s. After many fantastic nights spent on that kind of partyes, influenced by weird sounds an various styles he heard there, using a couple of great softwares he started to create music alone. This new beginning was very succesfull, resulted in releasing his first album, spreading his music and making great friendships through colaborations with the artists and the labels around the world. His music becoming supported and charted by well known artists like: DJ Tarkan, D-Phrag, Alex Hall, Tim Andersen, dPen, Gerardo Boscarino, NVO, Guillaume Nyckees, Damien Heck……..

In his sets u can hear very different kinds of electronic music because he just can’t find himself in some specific genre but definitely the main spice is HOUSE even if it’s deep, tech, prog…whatever you like to call it!!! A couple of times people could hear his 1 hour sets on Frisky Radio. Selected as ARTIST OF THE WEEK he got the opportunity to make an exclusive 2 hour mix for this great community.

Suddenly…he disapeared with aliens…somewhere around the end of 2007…

Year 2009

Miroslav is again with us, we should watch him!!!