Top 50k on The DJ List

Mirka Cerny

Burnaby, Canada



Mirka is a Canadian artist on a mission to spread musical joy through intelligent, thought provoking beats. Musically inspired by the darker, more intellectual sound-scapes of progressive, tribal techno and psytrance she seeks out uniquely beautiful music to turn her sets into works of art. Mirka’s determination to expand her musical as well as intellectual horizons has led her down a unique path of discovery.

Her love affair with music has spanned well over two decades and is reflected in her background of classical violin studies as well as her deep appreciation for opera and jazz. At the age of 11 she traveled to Prague, Czech Republic where she was exposed to early techno and fell in love. Upon returning to Vancouver she became increasingly frustrated with the lack of exposure the music she loved so dearly had in her home town. More content to spend evenings in her bedroom listening to music than hanging out at the mall, she started making mixtapes for her friends splicing together hip hop samples in lieu of electronica. Her closet passion for electronic sounds festered over the next ten years and resulted in the artist she has become. Not willing to have her style be categorized into any specific genre as she feels it is too cookie cutter, Mirka will play anything regardless of classification if it fits into her specific vision of the moment.