Minimosa Beatport


Aleksandr and Francesco Bertelli [a.k.a q-bert] are Minimosa. They’re young artist from Tuscany, Italy.

By the age of 17, Aleksandr and Francesco was fully dedicated to creating electronic music.

They started djing and performing live sets under the influence of tech-house and techno.

Today, Minimosa’s groovy house tracks are based around synthetic samples, analog rhythmic elements and hypnotic basslines.

As regard productions they had their first releases on Area 94, then on Spike Rec.,Net’s Work Rec, and during the last year they

came out with a vynil on iPocket Rec. called “Callect Call ep” remixed by James Venturi and supported by some great artists like

Alex Cappelli, Alen Sforzina, Joy kitikonti, Joseph Disco & Micky Monzza!

Under the point of view of gigs, during these years they have played in several clubs like Tenax, Frau Marleen, Central Park,

Jaiss, Switch, Kaleido and with some great artist like Matthew Dear, Plastic Funk, Alex Cappelli, Luca Agnelli etc.

Labels Collaboration: Net’s Work Records, Area 94, Spike Records, iPocket Rec.

Clubs: Tenax, Frau Marleen, Central Park, Jaiss, Switch, Kaleido.