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Nazareth Illit, Israel


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The man behind Mindwave project is Anton Maiko from Israel. He was born at 1985 in Kaliningrad, Russia and moved to Israel in 1991. Since early age Anton was fascinated by Electronic music. At the age of 13 he began his first experiments in music production. After couple of years Anton attended BPM Music College in Israel. After his graduation he released a few tracks on labels like IONO Music, J00F Recordings, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Phonokol Records and many more. In 2009 Anton released his debut album “Escape From Reality” that received great feedbacks and reviews. About one year later he released the EP “Dreamatic” and the second studio album “Awaken” that also received great feedbacks and supported by artists like John 00 Fleming, Aerospace, Ovnimoon and many more. His special style of groovy beats and atmospheric sound is what keeps him unique on the scene. Anton have preforming all over the world on major events like O.Z.O.R.A Festival (Hungary), Aurora Festival (Greece), VuuV Festival (Germany), Spiritual Healing Festival (Germany), Trishula Festival (Russia), Mystika Festival (Slovakia) and more. In the beginning of 2011 Anton joined the German label IONO Music and released the EP “Human Traffic”. This days Anton keep spreading his music all over the world and working on his 3rd studio album that will be release on IONO Music during the next year.