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From the industrial capital of Holland known as Eindhoven, comes one of the most promising names in contemporary Dutch Drum & Bass, Rogier Habraken a.k.a. Mindmapper.

Growing up on one of the main nerves of the Dutch Drum & Bass scene and being surrounded by some of the biggest names in the scene has given Rogier the best education you could wish for. Having worked in the bar where the legendary Red Zone nights started of since he was 16, Rogier got inspired to get seriously into producing the music he loves.

Coming from a background of working with bands, playing electric guitar for many years and building his own studio, Mindmapper has got all the musical skills a producer might want. What started out as recording and arranging songs played by his band, evolved in a serious affection for cutting, sampling and composing electronic music. Combined with his education as an Audio Designer, Mindmapper is a musical mastermind whose style expands way beyond just Drum & Bass.

Not surprisingly, Mindmappers tunes have been spotted by top-notch labels and DJ’s alike. Being part of the City Of Light concept album Verse (of Pendulum fame) put together on his label Crunch, Mindmapper has got a solid base for future releases. Recently, his tunes have been picked up by labels such as Loxy’s Cylon, Phil Source’s Vampire as well as promising new labels such as Break-Fast Audio and Broken Audio Recordings. DJ support comes from the likes of Bailey, D-Kay, Loxy, Doc Scott, Gremlinz, Jubei, DLR & Octane, Nymfo, Mantra & Double O amongst many others.

words by Levi Smulders (a.k.a. El Maria)

Labels: Crunch Recs, Cylon Recs, Vampire Recs, Break-Fast Audio, Translation Recs, Subtle Audio, Broken Audio, Buried Audio, Danger Chamber

Affiliations: Sonic Glue Audio, Break-Fast Audio, 22tracks.com

Resident: Break-Fast & SpreadTheBass