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Mindgame saw his first Light in the Year 1982 in Recklinghausen,Germany. Mindgame aka Bjoern Kluck started in the early 90´s with the Experiment to put two Tracks together.

He went in his Garage to make a Mix with two Tape Decks and tried to put two Tracks togeher and synchrosize them.

In the end of the 90´s he bourd his first record which was from “Pulsedriver” - Take you high you can see still on this Record the earlier Scratch Experiments.

He started to make Mixtapes andplay on little Party´s.

In the year 2007 he gets a Phone Call by a little Radiostation who heard the Elektronischen Xpeditionen a Show which was only for Download on his Homepage.

In the Summer of 2007 the E.X went on air on this Station.he created a Show with all kinds of Electronic Music with Guest Dj´s,Interviews many Specials and so on.

At November started his Tranceshow:Mindvisions on tranceradio.ch.Every Wednesday with the finest of Trancereleases of the Week and every Month a Guestdeejay exclusive for you.

And every last Wednesday of the Month the Best Tracks Special of the Month.

Today Mindgame plays in little Clubs here in Germany and make the people Rock to his Style.The Style goes from Chillout over Progressiv Trance to Uplifting and Technical Sound.He also likes to Mix with Movie Melodies and Tv Themes in his Sets.

So come with him on the Journey: Mindgame presents Mindvisions

Wednesday 8-10 pm CET