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Mindful Innovations

Las Vegas, United States

Hard Dance, Trance

Diverted Music, Label2net, Silent Shore Records
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Mindful Innovations is a Trance / Hard Dance Producer and DJ residing in the city of Las Vegas, NV. His music is described by many as high energy with melodic elements. Because of his passion for both Trance and Hard Dance music genres, he chooses to produce both styles. Mindful Innovations is a new upcoming artist and is considered the new talent of the EDM community with many hot releases coming along the way. His passion and love for music is clearly expressed in every single one of his productions.

Mindful Innovations also hosts monthly radio shows on 2 very well known internet radio stations. In his Trance.FM shows “Exaltation”, he spins more of the progressive, uplifting, and tech sub genres. In his DI.FM (Digitally Imported) shows “Apex Sessions”, he spins nothing but the most energetic Hard Trance & Hard Dance tracks. In addition to everything, he is also A&R of NU Communicate Recordings and Promotions Manager (USA) for Silent Shore Records. Keep an eye out for all his new upcoming releases and mixes!