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Enschede, Netherlands


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Artist name:

DJ The Minddreamer / The Edge ( 2004 Changed my dj name )

From: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Real name: Ger

Year of birth: 1971

DJ-ing since: 1994

Music Style: House, and a mixture of Acid-Trance, Goa-Trance and Techno But now aday’s only hard techno and hardstyl.

DJ Minddreamer / in 2004 i changed my name The edge was born. spin’s a mixture of Acid Trance, Goa Trance and Techno-music. Now it will be Hard techno and Hard styl.

He has his own studio for 14 years, and produces his own music. His first real appearance was at the streetparade in Zwitserland.

organized “The Megatron Effect” party by himself. Music means for him : love, positive energy and give him inspiration.

finalist at the Dutch DJ Contest 1999 at the Dance Valley Festival.

1st Great Experience : The “World Aids Day” Nightparade on 01-12-1995 at Bern, Zwitzerland

Dutch Mix mix competition / Played in the Finals

Dance Valley 1999 .

Love Parade 1999

FFWD Street Parade 1999 – 2000

Experience : The Netherlands :

Some gig’s between 200 and 1500 people.

Amsterdam : “Catacomben”, “Akhnaton”, “Heilige Zeug”, “Rootan huis”, “Trance Buddha”,

“De Melkweg”, “Camping Zeeburg”, “Panteneur”, “Vaaghuyzen”, Helen’s Dance". Almere : “Het Oor”, “Le Papilon”, “Underground Cafe”.

Leiden : Studentenvereniging “De Bont”.

Nijmegen : “Diogenis”, De Revolute", “2e Wal”, “Smartshop”.

Radio Stations:

Almere : “Radio Airpeace”.

Amsterdam : “Amsterdam FM”, “Radio 100”.

Festivals : “Full Moon Festival” (3 days), “Megafestatie 1997” Utrecht (10 days).

And many more.