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Due to their talent, Mindcurve, duo from south of France composed by Andy Slaker and Clyde suggest one vision, a way to communicate the sounds by which the listener is invited to dive time of a Dj set. Gifted for sound sticking they have a solid ‘Djing’ or in purist langage a ‘turntablism’ experience, where the truntables are considered as a real instrument and modern art. Sculptors of sound, they create musical events that delight to programmers of clubs such as Rachdingue, Blau, Villa Rouge, Ministry of Sound in London, and in 2009 they obtained a residence in the Rockadelik, a place that had like ambition to develop the different scenes of modern music.

After a long stage experience, Mindcurve research an emulation in music production. They released various EP, including in 2009 on the eminent Berlin label, Autist Records, which continues a relentless quest to discover innovative artists full of explosive forces who can contaminate and grow the cutting edge electronic scene which Mindcurve has the privilege of belonging. They are also on Miniatura, !Organism, Mamba Tunes, NuTempo or Anarkick in 2010, a nebula of artists based in Brazil that gather artists from the visual, technology, or musical field. They’re just came out in February 2011 on Familly Electro Records Bodö’s EP which marks a clear evolution of their style.

Mindcurve produces exciting and personal releases. Navigating between Shadow and light, this duo shakes between two worlds with a rhythmic always controlled. They plunge us into a sound environment that can gobble us but whose construction frees us to project us to new lightness with auditory sensations. Through his experimentation, Mindcurve realized more ethereal productions but still cleverly structured. Their last productions roll away little by little techno to move to a deep house with psychedelic elements.

Played and playlisted by Dj Misk, Glanz & Ledwa, Paco Osuna or Rebekah, Mindcurve combines all the components that can attract fans of the underground scene.

Read more: http://unpleased-records.com/web/?page_id=263#ixzz1G38fPTSa

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