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Aliso Viejo, United States

Electronica, Open Format

Minaya Beatport


Daniel Minaya was born in Anaheim June 20 1986 and was quickly brought into this crazy world already loving music at a young age. Listening to oldies, R&B, Disco, Pop and Rock from the ages of 5-8 he already knew lyrics to his favorite songs from groups such as R.E.M, The Beegees and Michael Jackson. As time went by the variety of music he loved grew and expanded to 80’s dance music; rock, and pop. One day during a trip to the beach with his brother Minaya heard what would be the definitive sound he would grow to love. His brother had put a mixtape in his car and that mixtape ended up being DJ Keoki- Disco Death Race 2000 (which was released in 1996)

This was only the beginning as not too long after Minaya searched for more and pretty much took every cd/mixtape that embodied the techno/house genre that his brother and sister had. Soon after he discovered what would truly be the sound he sought to mix and create. Napster Had just been released and music was just a click away for everyone and this luckily meant more of the music Minaya loved at none of the cost. He had quickly discovered a San Francisco based tag group called Mars and Mystre. Till this day they are California’s cyber-trance heroes and have been part of the reason the scene is so big in California today. It was a live mix which was new to Minaya and to top it off the music was something completely different from what he had previously heard but his heart dropped the minute he heard one song…System F-Out of the Blue it was everything he wanted to hear encompassed in a song.

It was then luck was on his side because not only had he discovered this wonderful new sound but his sister’s bf at the time was a DJ himself. He helped teach Minaya the basics of mixing and helping him discover the tunes only those capable of going to big clubs, events or raves could hear. Those tips given to him along the way would not be forgotten it was only a small platform needed to discover if he too could deliver music to the masses and receive those same reactions he heard the fans give to Mars and Mystre.

He bought his first turntables in 2002 and from there its been nothing but practice and online radio gigs. His goal is to one day release a track under his own label and hoping others get that same feeling as he did when he listened to his favorite songs.

With a new mix entitled “Let Go” receiving very good responses from not only fans but from djs alike for its variety and interesting yet creative final mix he’s able to show how appealing he is to all sorts of music lovers.

Now with a monthly residency on ETN on a show put together by Markus Schulz entitled Rising Stars, He is quick to show that he is quick to make a name for himself.