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Her memories of childhood take her back to the game-like idea of mixing and making music. Ever since she can remember, that’s her passion. Guillermina Molfino was born in Santa Fe 26 years ago and was raised in the town of Rafaela where, despite the difficulties to have access to the latest news music-wise that concerned her, she could gather a rich record collection of Jazz, Bossa nova, Soul and Electro.

Already settled in the province of Cordoba, in 1996 she discovered House, the style that she nowadays identifies with. There she began a friendship with the owner of a record store who, out of the business hours, let her use the turntables to learn the first thing about the DJ technique. Once her kit was fully equipped and her eagerness to know different trends stirred, on 1999 she travelled to New York to become familiar with the dance scene of that city.

The year 2000 found her back in Argentina, settling down in Buenos Aires to give her by then DJ hobby a professional nature. Moving along the still waters of Deep House, she played one of her first evenings at El Gran Danzon bar, at the pop hotel Boquitas Pintadas, La Morocha Home and Animal until she got a spot at Clubland and acquired some relevance being part of the artistic line up in all the editions of the Creamfields BA festival. Her experience at Pacha on Saturdays enabled her to share the booth with big names of the world panorama such as Lee Burridge, Steve Lawler and DJ Heaven, just to mention a few. Her career grew bigger with tours beyond the limits of Buenos Aires and even beyond the Argentine’s border: on 2002 she performed in Spain and in Guayaquil, the first out of many gigs that would take her along important spots of the South American route.

Mina currently continues behind the decks of Clubland. At the same time, she keeps a most valuable communication with her audience through Metrodance 95.1, on the section Late Night.