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Groenlo, Netherlands


AKA: Michel Beugel

Climate Recordings, Columbia (Sony), Doctormusik Records
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In 2001 Milo produced his first track together with DJ Rayden and Sam Punk, called “DJ Milo meets DJ Rayden – I Take U There” and it was released on Upbeat Records. After that Milo started together with the same producers a project called Samira (SAm Punk, MIlo and RAyden) the track called My Dream was released at Hexenhouse Records.

In 2002 Milo scored a huge hardstyle hit together with Rayden and DJ Zemtec with the project name called DJ Zemtec. Bring Me Ur Silence released at Seismic Records (Mid-Town) The follow up What? was released in 2003 and Amen! will be released in 2005.

In 2004 he met CJ Stone and Henning Reith, together they produced the new single for a project called ADRIMA. Discoland will be released at Aqualoop.

Bass Bumpers Music / BUMP! Recordings

In the year 2004 Milo was asked to work for the Bass Bumpers Music Group Germany / BUMP! Recordings. He became the Head of BENELUX and working with artists like CJ Stone, Voodoo & Serano, Bad Habit Boys and Caba Kroll.