BEGININGS: In the middle 80’s his own place is where he found among his father’s records a particular LP which its cover is our planet melting with a skull as it was... read more
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In the middle 80’s his own place is where he found among his father’s records a particular LP which its cover is our planet melting with a skull as it was shedding its own skin and the very suggestive name, it is ‘oxygene’! Now with these features, it is clear we are talking about the first work of the musician and composer J M J and it was that casual meeting with the record the one which woke the curiosity up about those world new sounds for a boy who later we will know as MIKIPHONE

During summertime in 1990 it’s at Concierto Radio Station, in a program hosted by Lalo Mir and following the rhythm of super Compo (a giant mini-stereo set on a truck visiting the central littoral beaches from Chile) where he immerses in what it will be his first liking to all the arriving anglo music in those years, which used the new tech synths and samplers.

Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, New Order, Deee-Lite, Technotronic, among many others, are the beginnings of what its musical base would be and these were the first records he got for himself.

Not before ten years later he started to play in underground friends’ parties and then in clubs as he started to prepare his first songs as well which take him to experiment with synths and samplers a new soundy world for what it will be the new millennium ending rhythms.


In the middle 90’s he starts to experience with friends the Electronic Music, this so simple act, as music ex – change and meeting friends to create songs which were mixed with New Wave, house and techno- pop styles was a restlessness feeling to search those strange sounds which were generated by synths, it is in that time when his first steps were born to start entering into this new musical expression.

On 2003 creating ahis own musical project was a need, to make his own Alter Ego

Is, without a doubt, his main search and this one was born after knowing his own little soundy good when he was 20 which impressioned him very much because its simplyness and beauty! how something so simple can be that powerful?… and this is What he named MIKIPHONE.


After he got his Publishing Title in Via del Mar city, it is the moment in which he decided to dedicate a 100% of his time on his real passion, the Electronic music.

In 2004 he travels to Europe and he stayed in the city of Becelona, Spain, and it is in there where he improves himself as a producer at one of the most Audio Study House around the world: SAE INSTITUTE, becoming the best Electronic Music Producer Of his class.

Logic Audio, Cubase, everything about MIDI and the last of softwares (which revolutioned Europe)

Ableton Live are some among the many knowledges he got in his stay in Europe besides the invaluable experience of being in one of the most cosmopolitan and Nighty life cities.


It is the magic of the Barcelonian night with its clubs where he really starts to discover the variety of music styles which are going to be a gathering with the reality of the actual world ‘dancefloor’ and this would become something really important to program his sets.

Besides sharing sets and meeting DJs as DJ Falcon, Eric Prydz, Angel Molina, Rowan Blades, Mark Hugues and Joyce Mercedes among others local DJs, MIKIPHONE besides doing Dj sets he always keeps the use of machines like samplers Synths, etc alive! Which are, in the core, the first step of his gigs, supported today with the use of softwares becoming a more practical way to show himself alive.


Today, one of his lately projects is hosting his own electronic music radio show (TRAXX DJs and electronic music on air) on UVM radio 96.3 FMin Via de Mar city (Chile), where he proves and sets up consolida todos sus all his knowledge as producer and DJ

In 2005, summertime, hi is selected as resident DJ for Hotel del Mar in Via del Mar city to enjoy the crowd with fine chill-out sessions.

October 2005, he show himself as the first artist who opens the Ministry of Sound event which has arrived in Chile

In Heineken Music Thirst 2005, he and the she-DJ Karen Neumann got selected as one of the Top Five electronic projects from Chile (Electrokiss)

These days he is in his studio, preparing what is going to be hid first musical production.

By: Carlos Ciuffardi – Journalist