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MIKI (Somebody call him the Dolphin)

A great history as a DJ and producer, flying around the world with flightcases full of vinyls since 1990 only with the chevrons of his music and the clubs that were born around it. Miki has always put the music at the center ever since, and in particular now, he holds up doing it through his artistic figure and also as a producer; after the refresh in 2011 we find his label Sun Generation in the mainstream world of electronic music and his productions as Miki the Dolphin are on major labels such as New York Serkal, and he keeps on djing in the clubs with an underground essence, a music outfit that he prefers for the contact created through his dj set never predictable, where hints of his high-level background and continue avant-garde and technique are cunningly mixed, sometimes in a total psychedelia, sometimes in a more natural reality. He’s also engaged in projects with Humanitarian Association Street Spirits, he commits to composing soundtracks and documentaries editing, like the one for Robydamatti in 2013 or for Drain Brain experiment with Samantha Cristoforetti in 2015 and also in music related research and DJ sets in the 432Hz frequency which led him to interact with DolceVita Society Ibiza.

Miki’s exploration of the electronic musical scene dates back to 1990 in the legendary after-hour of Club Imperiale (Tirrenia-Italy). His musical genre undertook a major change by moving from the electronic avant-garde and the oriented techno-house and many people love and find interest in it. Pondered like a “headliner” of the italian school, he has a great number of experiences in some important consolles, clubs and events around the world from the 90’s . He has linked his name as resident dj to some cult clubs of Italy (Insomnia\Jaiss\Taotec \Satellite\The West\Duple’ etc etc..) and played in an incredible number of clubs and discoteques; with his friends Francesco Farfa and Roby J he has opened new windows on the djing concepts, in particular in France, in the mithological Cosmos Fact rave age consolle of Mozinor in Paris, considered today one of the most important cult locations of the period . In 1999, after about 10 years of productions for Interactive Test , DBX records, Pinnacle U.K. labels where he has always represented the avant-garde, he started to produce directly his music too, discovering new talents , important artists , producing vinyls and today digital releases too on Sun Generation Records.