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Mikey has always been a music freak since his earliest years. Starting off with instruments like the violin and the piano he soon found the bass guitar and started playing in a band.

He played a mix of punk, jazz, and funk music with the son of one members of the SF Symphony; many have called him maybe the youngest most talented guitarist in the area, Kevin VanGeem. He played in several bands for 6 years until finally discovering turntablism.

At the age of 16 he started mixing more than he was playing the bass and it stared to grow on him more and more everyday. Starting out with a happycore set that mixed many different break beats, he soon turned in a different direction.

It wasn’t until Mikey met Greg Dills, who is now with Linoleum, and DIG-DUG of USC, Seattle until he was finally educated in the genre of breakbeats. Matching big bass breaks with 2step created a flavorful blend of music.

Now he knows that breakbeats will be his #1 choice for the future.