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Mikey High Jinks

San Diego, United States

Chill Out, House

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DJing came quite easy to mikey high jinks, with his background of playing the drums.

“Its just mixing drumbeats” was his usual reply. Now this being the case still didn’t stop him hiding away in his bedroom with two slbd22’s (belt driven technics with a 3% pitch adjust) and a mixer with no cross fader brought freshly from his local Tandy, for about a year.

When he was 16 (not even old enough to drink) he got his first residency in the local speedway stadium. This venue was great because it was out of the way, no locals to bother and this venue soon gained an all night license.

Mikey fondly remembers some great times at this venue. He got to play the first 2-3 hours warming his crowd up. “I could have them eating out of my hand by the time the guest DJ arrived.” While here he played alongside the who’s who of the rave scene: Top buzz, Ray Keith, Ellis Dee, Simon baseline smith, Ltj bukem and Clarke to name a few.

“This is where I learned my trade, watching the pros work the crowds.”

Moving on from this he his played all the major illegal parties including the infamous proper stuff parties which incited the riot @ a certain major supermarket chain in Cambridge. But a clash with the rave busters wasn’t anything new. Dogs and riot shields became part of the party experience.

In ‘95 mikey took his first step in producing, together with a long term friend Jonathan rose formed the group “joy of life” and released a self funded white label titled “state of mind”. They gave a copy to Mr. Graham gold who played it on kiss fm. With him playing this tune once on the radio, mo’s music machine sold over 800 copies.

Knowing that what mikey really wanted to do was to DJ, he took a step back from producing and followed on with his DJ career. As times change mikey now plays the funkiest of vocal house and grooves and is considering getting back into production. Watch this space!!!

He has just started a new Monday night show 8-10 on

So come and check him out there.