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Bogotá, Colombia


Big Toy Music, Control, Dirty Cents
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Mikehouse started his Dj career at the age of 20, just as a hobby, by the year 2005 he decided to be Dj like part of his life switching this with his studies as a social communicator from Universidad de la Sabana.

His musical influences come from Depeche mode, Boy George, Dj Little Louis Vega, Antoine Clamaran, Kenny Dope Gonzales, Andre Collins and national Dj?s like Fabio Alzate and Hector Carrero.

Even though he is one of the youngest talents in Colombia but not because of that it?s an unexperienced Dj, he is full of talent based on this he is been at important events such as U4 ?love and heat? celebrated at Cartagena on January 2007 sharing desks with international Djs like: Behrouz, Dj Bando, Simon and Shaker, Oscar de Rivera, Cristian Varela, Juanjo Martin, Dj Luke, Francesco Farfa, Chus and Ceballos, Dj Jean, Dj Jurgen, D- formation, Dj Marysol, Mehdi, Joseph Rivas, 16 Bit Lolitas, Jerry Ropero, David Gauza, William Umaa, Oskar Rodriguez, Dj Joker, Dj Marko, Dj Pacheco, Jose de Divina and Ricardo Reyna. He was selected to open this festival never seen before in Colombia.

Right now he is a Tropical Cocktails resident, has participated on events in places like, Moncloa, Jueves de Heineken music in Baja bar, house session with Pioneer pro Dj at palco 93, Layout bar, Antifona,Maria del mar house club, Mink, Pipeline, Danzashi, Koori Beach at Cartagena, Le Club, Roxy (Medellin),prive,Penelope, Karma lounge (Aruba) Pharmacy Club (Medelln), Tropical Cocktails (Medellin), La Kasa Club (Medellin),roxy (medellin),Mynt (MIAMI),The cove (Miami),Yage(Key biscayne),Allure (Miami),BRICKS (Miami),Nocturnal (Miami) among others. He?ve shared stage with Dj?s like Fabio Alzate, Hector Carrero, Catalina Diaz, Dj mara (Manizales), Dj vanch, Jhonny houssein, Dj Javo, Dj Richard perez, Dj Julian pea, groove Adiction, Dj Seb Mildenberg, Dj Diego Sessions, Dj Victor Loud, Dj Jave, Dj Pranko, Dj Drako, Dj Jumble, Dj David Velez, Dj Matt house, Boom Cardona, Dj Christian Sorbera Korland (Miami), Dsan Powell (CDM / Miami)

On December 2005, he started been part of the ?New Talents? at Estacion Ibiza of vibra bogota 104.9 FM, been one of their residents since January 2006, in may 2006 he got an space on every first Thursday each month on a radio station by internet ?Stylee Radio? in the city of Medellin, from which make part Dj?s like: Dj Noizzer (Essential Studio), Dj Morris (Medellin Style), Dj systematic failure (Medellin Style), Dj Dsum (MedellinStyle), Dj Wad (Medellin Style), Dj Trent (Medellin Style, Dj Elsa de La Fuente (Medellin Style), Dj Serna (Intelligent Division), Dj Daraout (Intelligent Division), Dj Theo(Intelligent Division), Dj Giggz(Intelligent Division), Dj lo-Frecuency (, Dj Sano (, Dj QK (, Dj Neuma (Series Media), Dj Gladkazuka (Latin Iver Crew) and international DJ?S like Dj Francis Davila (Guatemala), Dj Redhead (Belgica), Dj Bruno Balbino (Brasil), Dj Lopera (CDM-USA), Dj Dsan (CDM- USA), Dj Steven (USA), Dj Willie K (USA), Dj Christian Fisher (Germany), Dj Paul Mac (England).

At this moment Mikehouse is starting his proyect as a musical productor at his own record label denominated ?KUE RECORDS? using sounds from electro mixing with retro elements and that way creates what he calls ?Silicon House?, in June 2006 he started working with the Colombian Record Label named Bogota Beats Records

A t this moment he is part of CDM Miami a group of Dj?s more recognized in south Florida (USA), from which makes part Djs like Phabolous Punk, Francis Davila, Korland, Sebastian Shumacher, Alejo Bengoechea, Juan E, Daniel V, Alexa, Juan San Martin, Manny Suarez, Granvil Kincaid, Truks, Mao Molano, Groove Man, Dsan Powell, Lopera, among others. Showing their skills in places like Space, Crowbar, Nocturnal, Metropolis, Red bar, Boombox.