Mike Wind

Lomza, Poland


Mike Wind Beatport


Mike Wind (real name: Tomasz Laskowski) is a DJ & producer, born in 1989 in Lomza city, Poland.

Since his earliest days, he’s always been fascinated by electronic sounds. His adventure with music started in 2003. Since that time he passed through many projects, co-operations with friendly producers.

Under such aliases like: ‘Staircase’, he released his track ‘Oxygen Essential’ in the JPlanet Entertainment label, which became an anthem of ‘Oxygen Agency’. It was also valued by Armin Van Buuren, and presented twice on his broadcast show: ‘A State Of Trance’, gaining position as a ‘Future Favourite’ in episode 298. It was also played by Markus Schulz on his famous broadcast show ‘Global DJ Broadcast’. Finally ‘Oxygen Essential’ has been supported by Armin, Markus Schulz, 4 Strings, Sean Tyas, Ron van den Beuken, Marcus Schssow, Aly & Fila, Andr Visior, Dave202, Orjan Nilsen… and many more.

Mike Wind is a member of a well-known polish agency, called ‘MSM Events’, which gives him the chance to play on many big events.

The first single ever released on the great English label – RecoverWorld was ‘Sunday After Monday’ co-produced with Ron Malakai with David Newsum Remix in the pack, supported by such as artists like: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila, John Askew, Mark Pledger, Pedro Del Mar, Jon O’Bir, Sean Tyas, Robert Nickson, Simon Patterson, Agnelli & Nelson, Tom Colontonio and many many more. Currently he is waiting for release his latest track ‘Ethereal’ co-produced with romanian producer Digital Nature on Armada, Already supported by AvB!

Be sure to keep an eye on Mike in the future! ;)