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Mike Rofone

Reinbek, Germany

Electro House, House

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Mike Rofone was born 1987 in beautiful Hamburg/Germany. He already discovered its preference to the music at the recent age of 13 years. At that time still in the music area of the school. At home however it swarmed from completely different music – the club music which was Played in his regional Clubs. It was coined/shaped main from artists the end of the 90’s within the range Dance /Dancecore admits was like Scooter, Pulsedriver, ATB, Tom Jones and some other. After some fluctuations from Dance to Hardstyle, Mike Rofone settled down and is now firmly fixed on House and electro music. Mike Rofone (to at the end of of 2007 still Dj Cubexx) caught on at the computer with mix software to be busy and arranged some mix CD, which found circles of the acquaintance in the large resemblance. He found his place in the Internet radio scene fast, where he pulled by some radios and inspired the listeners. The year 2005 was for Mike Rofone in two different regard an important year. It locked the middle-shool and started directly as training in the working life through. And then it happened: The first equipment could be financed. And in such a way Mike Rofone practiced industriously and could find also a place in an Internet radio after short time, where he turned the Vinyl from now with big enthusiasm. After some private parties, early club appearances and smaller clubs Mike Rofone delivers there weekly, now already since the establishment (January 2008), at the Internet radio HouseTime in its firm transmission a set.