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Mike Pearl’s career began at very early age. It all started in 1999 when he was residing in Israel and began listening to Electronic music, predominantly trance. Inspired by the depth of sounds and a rhythm that drove people to dance, he began learning the art of DJ-ing and producing music. He attended a musical conservatory where he prided himself with playing the piano for couple of years. It was in this same school in which he got his first gigs playing at school parties and special private events. Being a mere adolescent at the time inhibited his capabilities of spinning in the club scene.

Influenced largely by New Monday, Dave Seaman, PVD, Riva, Pete Tong, Chris Kaiser, Armin, John Digweed, Pink Floyd, The Police, Eric Prydz, etc., Mike Pearl’s personal style has profoundly transformed throughout the years, from uplifting trance to progressive house. Currently Mike Pearl’s forte is mostly house music of the highest quality; whether it’s progressive, electro, or tech house with alluring vocals, he will play it!

The key factor in Mike Pearl’s performances remains unbeatable tune selection, superb mixing skills, and an immeasurable feel for the crowd. He builds his sets with accordance to the time when he comes on to play. For the past four years Mike Pearl has performed in countless clubs and lounges across New York City, including Deep, China Club, Guest House, Avalon, Star, Fusion, Etc… His most memorable opening, however, was for Rooster and Peralta at club Deep on New Year’s Eve.

Mike Pearl’s featured projects included several remixes for Sequential Z from UK, working with an acclaimed NYC singer, Javier Bernard, on a track entitled, ‘God is Watching Me’, which has been released on Quimika Records and Beatport in 2008. In addition, he made a number of remixes on ‘This World is Watching Me’ by Armin Van Buuren, and a remix for Brainbug. Mike Pearl’s remix of Sequential Z, ‘Southern Smooth Groove’ has reached the Top 10 on soundclick’s electro chart and has remained the top ten singles for a number of weeks. Likewise, the release of his single, ‘God is Watching Me,’ was on Quimika Records Top 10 charts on progressivehouse, and was supported by Flash Brothers from Israel.

For the past few years Mike Pearl has received much experience in performing live and is actively working towards his clearly defined goal of obtaining world-wide exposure and creating exquisite music of the highest quality. Currently he is working on a few projects and remixes, including ‘The Wind is Getting Stronger,’ featuring The Ripple Road and James D.

In addition to being a DJ and producer, Mike Pearl is also a talented sound engineer with his own studio. He spins on turntables and CDs. And most importantly, he is ready to go global. He has had quite a journey to get to where he is today, but for Mike Pearl this is only the beginning.