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Born 1983 in Stockholm Sweden. Mike discovered dance music at an early age. He was the top student in his music class and it was thanks to his teacher he got more interested in making his own electronic computer based music. Started off with cubase on his new atari connected to a syntheziser was the first real step for Mike to learn how to make his own music. But this wasent enogh for him, Mike wanted to learn more about this new way to produce music so he went of studying at a school designed for musicproduction and soundengineers. There he learned more about music itself and also how to work in a professional studio, this was the first step for Mike to become an recording artist.

Nowdays Mike really concentrate on working in the studio with new tracks and remixes and he has a few cool new releases to look forward to like: Basic Instructions, Something Else & Until Now.

All those will be released before this summer (2010) starting of with Basic Instructions in February.

If you want to listen to Mike One and hear his sound you can always support him in his weekly radioshows. You can listen on www.discovertrance.com or www.1mix.co.uk where he plays the best trance that comes into his range and also some new cool tracks or remixes from himself.

And remember to support your favourite djs & producers by buying their music and not ilegally download it :)