Mike Mucci Beatport


Evolve or die. A concept that Miami-based DJ / Producer Mike Mucci has embraced to define a musical style of his own. Bridging the gaps between various genres, Mucci’s production and DJ sets expertly combine influences from all styles of music, weaving a unique blend of house and progressive thickly layered with elements past, present and future.

Born in Buffalo, NY, Mike started his DJ career spinning in clubs before he was even legal. A few years later, he moved to South Florida and turned his attention towards production and remixing. From his introduction to the industry with Soulfuric Trax floor stompers like “SEND ME SOME LOVE” and “DEEP IN THE UNDERGROUND” to soulful hip-movers like “I FOUND LOVE” (SFP Records), Mucci successfully transitioned from DJ to producer, creating an assortment of well known monikers spanning several sub-genres within the dance music community. From DJ staples like “THE DOOR” (under the name Circuit Boy) and Da Mooch’s “THAT’S WHAT IT IS,” to Billboard charting hits “I’M TALKIN’ TO YOU” and “I GOT A MAN” by Shampale Cartier, Mucci built a solid reputation in the club scene with a knack for creating infectious grooves and insinuating beats.

His newest ventures under the name Evolved explore yet another facet of his talent and versatility. Experimentations into new sonic territory have proven extremely fruitful in keeping his sound fresh and well-rounded both in the studio and in the club. Over the past two years, Evolved has come to include Al Camara of Obadam. Together, the Miami-based production team has been making noise with a unique, new sound, combining dark, tribal rhythms, Latin percussion, pulsing basslines and hypnotic, effect sound-scaping. In 2002 the duo spawned the underground anthems “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” and “MUTHERF*CKER”, both signed to Subliminal’s experimental label, Sondos. By early 2003, productions and remixes bearing the Evolved name made their way into the record bags of industry heavy hitters across the globe from DJ Vibe and John Digweed to Chus & Ceballos as well as Grammy Award-winning remix team Deep Dish, who sought out the Evolved remix of Aalacho’s “SATELLITE” for inclusion on the their installment of the Global Underground series, “Deep Dish – Toronto #25.” 2003 also saw the release of two more Evolved originals, “A MATTER OF TIME” on the well respected UK imprint Baroque Records and another Sondos smash, “AFRIKA: THE DRUM” featuring Oba-Frank Lords’ (the voice of Darkbeat.) Through 2004, a steady stream of Evolved remixes and originals appeared on labels like Plastica, Distraekt, En-Soul, and Universal just to name a few. Recent projects include a remix for IIO’s “RUNAWAY” on Made Records, Serge Devant’s “SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS” on Creamer & K’s new Magnetik imprint as well as a remix for Chus & Ceballos scheduled for release on Stereo Productions in March of 2005.

In late 2003, Mike and Al launched their own label, Amplitude Recordings as an outlet to showcase more of their own originals as well as productions from up-and-coming local and global talent fitting the Evolved sound. Their first release, “Control” by Da Freeks gathered major industry attention even before its initial street date as well as an immediate spot on the well received compilation “Crobar: Miami Sessions.” For the up-coming year, an Evolved / Amplitude compilation to be mixed by Mucci is already in the works with plans for extensive tour dates in Central and South America adding to an already busy schedule of DJ appearances in the U.S. and Europe.