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Montano dance boundaries are related to his childhood when 70’s music and some of the Motown Records where played in his family collection at home in a small city in the center part of Mexico. It was just when the ashes of disco turned into house music in the middle 80’s when Mike made contact with his first music manifestations, not specifically with a drum machine but being a drummer when he started to run his own band and his first attempt to create music. Thru a couple of years after forgetting that experimental stage of his musical life, Montano further inspiration came from a couple friends that started to play records in a small apartment during college around 2000 when everyone involved in that friendship started to do something for the movement around the close cities, launching parties and buying records, getting influenced by each other and it was electronic music the choice that transform Montano’s drummer to dj and now producer career.

Since his barely beginning in 2001, Montano’s influences ranged from early house and disco, sound that still could be recognizable in the groovy, bumping house and deep essence of his sets, providing a funky soulful expression of his personality.

Once he got introduced to the software production and analog basis powered by one of his best friends years after, his house perception got truly involved in creating a sound based in Chicago beats but with a west coast feeling that could be spread around with a strong musical affection for records to dance & play.

When he finally started to throw his first solo productions and leaving back his first projects with other aliases, Montano finally re-defined his musical production and dj career, still associated to house music but this time crossing techno borders, capturing deepness and injecting a warm crafted sound easily identifiable and full of rhythmic force.

These days Mike’s production work has experienced the attention of legends like Dj Sneak and other influential artists like Nick Curly, Paco Osuna, Terry Grant or Alex Dolby, being actively played in radio shows and festivals. With hands on Remixes for Jeff Bennett (Plastic City) Roberto Palmero (SK Supreme) and Presslaboys (GU), Montano has gain a remarkable reputation as deep house producer that has taken him to explore nu routes in the music business, producing music for the Top Runways in Mexico where his mixes dressed international models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Benitez, Alek Wek and Eugenia Silva… But is his true underground soul that remains now in Playa Del Carmen where his appearances in the last BPM Festival editions and every weekend proposing a new wave of sounds with the Footloose Agency residents at La Santanera that create the perfect scenario to listen & dance his music in the south beaches of Mexico.