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Mike Maaß

Oberhausen, Germany


Orange Stripes
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We write the Year 1990 – Mike Maaß aka Tribe Muzika discovered the light of life. At the tender age of just 7 years, he got his first Depeche Mode Album “The Singles 86 – 98”!! Since then it was clear: His heart beats for electronic music. It emerged as a pure passion. At the age of thirteen years he began learning from friends, the art of producing and spinning and from the start he was very intrigued. The wretched beginnings brought Hardstyle and Hardcore with it, but even 2 years later the underground tracks by him and his buddies destroyed some soundsystems in nightclubs and brought the crowd to celebrate.

After his second Nature One in the year 2008 he was very interested in Techno. 2009 he starts with the Artist name “Tribe Muzika”. He had some own productions and was working hard on his tunes. Since 2011 he launched under a new pseudonym: His real name Mike Maaß. The first releases are out now and he has played on festivals and clubs like “Feier Rhein” and “Butan Club”. In spring 2011 the friendship with Frank Sonic grew and they started a new project. Together as “Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß”. They release now on labels like Trapez, Umek’s 1605, Italo Business, Erphun’s Brood Audio, Loco & Jam’s Code, Different is Different, Tanz Factory & their own label TECHNO LEAGUE. Big gigs and huge releases wait now and you can be curious about the carrer from Mike Maaß – The new techno kid from germany!


29th March 2011 – Mike Maaß – Other Way E.P. – [Fur Tree]

19th April 2011 – Mike Maaß – Run E.P. – [Decksharks]

26th April 2011 – Tribe Muzika – What is Tech E.P. – [Decksharks]

15th May 2011 – Mike Maaß – Come Closer – [Orange Stripes]

30th May 2011 – Tribe Muzika – What’s the Matter E.P. [Decksharks]

07th June 2011 – Mike Maaß – Midnight Call E.P. [Techno League]

07th June 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Redraft (incl. Remix by Alejandro Trebor) [Akoom]

23th June 2011 – Mike Maaß – The Logican E.P. [Decksharks]

23th June 2011 – Arcane – Honesty Remixes (incl. Remixes by Klaudia Gawlas, Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß) [Citylife]

08th August 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – House Soldier / Blizzard (incl. Remixes by Secret Cinema, A.Mochi, Alejandro Trebor & Van Bonn) [Trapez]

11th August 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Secret Weapon (incl. Remix by Jason Fernandes) [Clairvoyance Noire]

26th August 2011 – Electron Mike – Abstract Love (incl. Remixes by Torsten Kanzler, Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß) [Abstract/Decade of Techno]

13th September 2011 – Bas Thomas – Second 2 None (incl. Remixes by Mike Maaß, Soulboy & Jamez) [Repressure]

30th September 2011 – Tanz Factory Element 001 (incl. Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Split) [Tanz Factory]

12th October 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Gorma / Vigor (incl. Remixes by Alejandro Trebor, Spiros Kaloumenos) [Italo Business]

28th October 2011 – Vin Nuel – Dimak Remixes E.P. (incl. Remix by Mike Maaß) [Liquid Surface]

31th October 2011 – Couch Lock – Fall (incl. Remixes by Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß, L-EX, Alejandro Trebor) [Techno League]

14th November 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Butan [1605 – Music Therapy]

25th November 2011 – Arcane – Migration Remixes (incl. Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß Remix) [Citylife Records]

30th November 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Dirty Blood / Gomez (incl. Remixes by Adam Jay, Drumcomplex) [Different is Different]

30th November 2011 – Techno League Allstar Various (incl. Tracks by Andre Walter & Chris Hope, L-EX, Leghau, Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß, Plankton, M.A.D.A., Couch Lock, Füzzy & Renö, Phonz) [Techno League]

07th December 2011 – Elemental X – Effortless (incl. Remixes by Victor Ruiz vs. Alex Stein, Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß) [Different is Different]

12th December 2011 – Frank Sonic & Mike Maaß – Illusions / Turbulence (incl. Remixes by Eigenes Rezept, Deh-Noizer) [Brood Audio]

26th December 2011 – Mike Maaß – Blind (incl. Remixes by Subfractal, Snello, Andres Gil, Plankton, Adrian Hour) [Techno League]

16th January 2012 – Mike Maaß – Fever EP (incl. Remixes by Spark Taberner, Michael Schwarz, Hackler & Kuch) [Frakture Audio]