Mike.M Beatport


About Twelve years ago he started to go to house parties in Holland, and from there, his feeling for house music was born.

Five years later he decided to buy his own two turntables, a mixer, bought some records and then he started, practicing, practicing and practicing.

He liked it so much, that he decided to give himself a DJ name and there it was….. DJ Mike.M was born.

In the following years he played for birthday parties, little gigs and clubs like : Club Scoobies, The Scum, Club In Casa, Club Hifi etc.

For now he is doing bigger things, he has played in poland, played last time in one of the biggest club in Holland called : The Lexion and he has now his own house music radio show on the internet on greenlineradio.

The styles he plays for the moment are : Club, Eclectic, Electro, Funk, House, Latin, Tech-House & Tribal-House.

His sets are always energetic and uplifting, because that is the vibe he wants.