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Whether providing original works or top quality remixes, Mike Kings is one of the most known and consistent Portuguese producers at the present date. The truth is that Mike suffers from musical bipolarity: you never know what he will do next. He can sometimes turns into monster and provides the most twisted and underground music on Earth …but sometimes…only sometimes…he can be the most gentle and sweet life form and turns music into a true house music journey by using piano, saxophone, flutes, pads…in the end, presenting an organic side of music.

No matter how he is…his music is always made with love. For the body or for the soul…his mind is always concentrated in doing something really unique and special to create a moment of strong emotions in the dancefloor.

At the age of 26, Mike Kings have released music in some of the most respected record labels in the world such as Nervous Records, Stereo Productions, Kult Records, Substance Music, Fatal Music, Land of Voodoo Recordings, Magna Recordings or TKC Music just to name a few. Across these releases he have remixed tracks from artists like Dj Vibe & Kobbe, Oscar G, Peter Bailey, Richie Santana, Carlos Fauvrelle or Marcelo Castelli and has made an original track with the legendary underground house music diva… Lula.

His works are a common presence among the playlists of the most important dj’s around the world. From Tokyo to Miami, from Lisbon to Paris, from New York to London his music is chosen to be a special moment in each set…