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Mike Emvee has always felt a need for his own sound since the age of 10 when he heard his very first typical electronic dance track. This has greatly inspired him throughout the years creating a large impact on his life. Mike Emvee has a diverse taste of epic and energy as well as progressive trance and house in which there are many DJs to also be inspired from.

Mike’s Canadian debut was marked with the outstanding event at Helsinki Lounge on December 29, 2005. This is where his breakout finally took place and his first impression was made. Just by getting his name out by word of mouth, this made it possible for Mike Emvee to move on to potentially bigger and better things, narrowing his scope on what people want to hear.

During the early days of his life, he listened to records in which his sound focused on club music from the Dutch chart parade. Although he was born in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, having a relative Dutch background as well as ancestors has always helped Mike keep in touch with his native land in the aspect of music. Electronic dance music has become a larger than life portion to him. This made him realize his own attributes and got himself motivated towards the studies in audio production as quickly as he could.

With great influence from fellow producers and close friends Chris Girard, Zoltan Kontes, Simon Sheppard and Noosh, Mike has been supported and continues to be supported by some of the largest acts in the industry such as Markus Schulz and Tiesto. At the early age of 21 with 4 years of experience and studies under his belt in the aspect of production and playing out, Mike Emvee made his debut production landmark in the progressive trance scene with his first stellar release, ‘That Little Something’.

While keeping both feet on the ground, Mike humbly enjoys his achievements. In 2007, he landed one of the most legitly acclaimed residencies in Canada branded ‘Heaven’. After countless projects and a surprising collaboration with Detroit based producer David Deere, in 2008 Mike was blessed under Auryn Management along side a courageous family of acts; Ashley Walbridge, Alex Lamb, Meighan Nealon, Hado and Yaun.

Praised to be one to never have stopped pushing himself towards what he wants, Mike has been given the honor to play alongside acts such as Andy Moor, Above & Beyond, Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery and DJ Preach to name a few. By propelling his intentions on impressing his fans more than anything else, it has made him a better and more respected person in the ways of being a producer, as well as DJ within the trance and progressive genre.