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Mike Bosch

Birmingham, United Kingdom


Dutch Pitch
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Mike Bosch was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1975. In the 90’s he got familiar with the House and the Speedgarage scene and other early computer music, and it was clear that he would become attached with this type of music. Mike Bosch wanted, by this time, to establish a reputation. In 2003, after living in Holland his whole live, he moved to Mallorca – where he collaborated with DJ?s like Fran Delice, Nacho and Isaac Indaart. He began to DJ in Spanish clubs like Hash Cafe, Garito and lots of private parties mixing house and techno with some Dance influence, and even started producing and releasing his own tracks under the name Dutch Pitch. His reputation as a Dutch DJ in Mallorca along with his own productions helped to take a step further into the scene.

Inspired by DJ?s and producers from the Plus 8 and Minus Label like Richie Hawtin, Gaiser, Magda, Heartthrob, JPLS and Ambivalent, Mike Bosch slowly but surely started to experiment with this new style in his mixes and songs. Mike Bosch was the organiser behind some underground parties in Mallorca in 2003 and 2006 and some in Rhodes in 2009. As Dutch Pitch, Mike Bosch still releases tracks and the main label now is 7Stars who signed him in 2010 as a begin of a new generation of minimalistic composers and DJs. He has also done projects outside the traditional role of the club DJ, such as the composing and producing of some rap songs. Mike loves to experiment with sounds to create a whole new sound out of simple loops combined with samples and fx out of daily life. `The purpose for me doing this is becoming the communicator between old and new music and make it sound like it has never been played before`.