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Mikalogic was inspired by music very early, always exploring new musical waves as long as he grew up. Always stood up by his ability of criating and inovating exploring the technologic era, he brightned various projects alongside his musical path. At 32 he falls in love to “lab music” and becomes the scientist of a new formula that keeps him going on through his musical ways.

4 years later, and after several projects and releases of esperimental electronic music, Mikalogic started feeling dance music more deeply. So, he stoped all the projects and went to berlin looking for the real clubing soul. Now, inspired by what he saw, heard and field in berlin, his working in a new concept where the House, tech-house, techno and deep are the main ingredients. Mikalogic is also one of the mentors of the projects “Hush” and “Dan Syndrome”. We can mention some themes like, Seance (Mika rmx), crime partners, mentha pill, data base, cocoon, all chart hits in the major online stores,