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Mikael Johnston

San Francisco, United States

AKA: Dresden & Johnston

Mikael Johnston Beatport


As the co-producer and songwriter for the Warner Bros. act Mephisto Odyssey, Johnston has gained the reputation of an eclectic (his band had been classified as everything from jazz to drum’n’bass) and a great remixer. Indeed, the remixes of “So What” by Jane’s Addiction first brought him to the attention of Warner Bros.’ in 1999, and the remixes of Static X’s album Machine (2001) brought Johnston full circle — back into the realm of rock where he started. Johnston didn’t start out as a techno-head; like many current electronic artists, he got his start in the rock scene.

In 1993 (just after the collapse of the hair band regime), Johnston decided to put aside his rock roots and check out the as-yet-uncharted territory of electronica. It proved to be a wise career move for him, his first single, the self-released “Dream of the Black Dahlia,” (under the Mephisto Odyssey moniker) earned kudos from Bay Area promoters and the international underground scene. Johnston continued to release singles on the Mephisto label and eventually was signed to the progressive West Coast label City of Angels, where they shared the talent roster with future breakbeat kings Crystal Method. Success followed success; and soon the act was signed to Warner Bros. and swiftly evolved from underground darlings to crossover potentials.

Following Johnston’s tenure at Warner Bros. he’s continued his diverse journey as an artist, engineer, mixer, remixer, producer and Grammy committee member, working with such artists as; I am The World Trade Center, The Sounds, Smash Mouth, Goapele, Mephisto Odyssey, Dresden & Johnston, Lily Allen, Nadia Ali, Some Ember, Blondie, Oh No & Chris Keys among others. His work has hit the Billboard charts 14 times, 9 of which were top 10s and 4 made it to #1.

by L. Katz