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Mijk Van Dijk

Berlin, Germany

Electronica, House

Big & Dirty, BluFin, Circle Music
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Producer since 1990 – Live-Act since 1990 – DJ since 1992

Mijk van Dijk is from Berlin/ Germany.


For over one decade, Mijk van Dijk has been acting on the forefront of the electronic dance music scene. His first records were coining the hardcore techno scene from Berlin, in 1992 he paved the way for more melodic techno sounds and has been a pioneer for a new sound called “Trance”.

Soon again he dived deeper into the complexity of techno beats, when “Trance” degenerated to a mere formula. His main label Superstition-Record from Hamburg/ Germany has gone a similar way and so it just made sense for Mijk to redefine the sound of Superstition Records with a new breed of mix CD: on “Deacde ’ The Mix”, released in 2003, he was remixing the highlights of the whole back catalogue into one exciting mash-up-mix composed from 70 tracks out of 10 years of label history.


Since the beginning of his career he released tunes under different pseudonyms. Soon the legendary German Techno magazine “Frontpage” coined the term “Multi-Mijk”. After his first single releases on Berlin-based labels as Low Spirit, Bash and MFS he worked with Cosmic Baby on the probably first Trance/ Chillout-Compilation ever. With his project LoopZone he created one of the fastest techno tunes in history and released as Microglobe his first club hits und 1994 his first album “Afreuropamericasiaustralica”.

In 1996 his track “The Wildlife” of Mijk’s Magic Marble Box was chosen as the soundtrack for the German TV commercial for the Renault Ma agane car and in the same year Mijk finally released singles and his second album under his own name.


This is the name of Mijk’s third album that he created with DJ-producer friends like Thomas Schumacher, Claude Young, Toby Izui, Humate, Quazar or Paul M (aka Kid Paul of Energy 52). Van Dijk likes the synergy effect, that emerges out of fruitful cooperations.

Already in 1991 he produced with DJ Tanith his first singles and delivered two co-productions for DJ Hell’s first album. Also his biggest hit so far “Schoeneberg” was made in collaboration with Marcos Lopez under the project name Marmion. “Schoeneberg” is highly acclaimed in the techno world as one of the most ground-breaking classical tunes ever.

Other projects are Brothers In Raw and K-Jim & Y-Bot with his Japanese buddy Toby Izui, Haerter with Berlin-based DJ Namito , Imkerei Rob & Mijk with Rob Acid from Cologne and Asem Shama. Next releases will be collaborations with Tom Wax and a new LoopZone single.


“I never wanted to do, what everybody else does. I just don’t care for terms like “overground” and “underground”. My music can go everywhere, that’s why I call it “everyground”.

Highly acclaimed by the critics his 4th album “Everyground” (Superstition) marked another leap in his career.


In Japan Mijk is not only known as a DJ, performer and producer (even famous soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata outed himself as Mijk van Dijk fan on his homepage), but also as a “gamer”. He distributed soundtracks for 4 Playstation-games. Already legendary are his live acts with nothing but a Playstation in 1996. So far Mijk has toured Japan 18 times to play 53 gigs.

Live And Direct

When he plays live, he does not take the Playstation on stage anymore. Live and direct and straight from the sequencers Mijk presents all his new tunes as well as some of his unavoidable classics. Every gig is exciting and unique.