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Kokkola, Finland

Electro House, Electronica

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I started with electronic music at 2010, since that, i have developed in music creation and inspiration huge amount. At 2010 i was a young boy, in a school disco. In there everything changed, everyone else was dancing, but i was intrested, what the DJ did. I was intrested how he mixed music. After that night, i started to read books and exploring a whole new genre in my life, i had been thug rocker and raver and played in a band before that, but after that night i felt more intrest about electronic music (also EDM). Three next years i listened electronic music every day, and in the same year i started to compose, with many kind of music softwares, like magix and FL-studio, I started first to make some common electronic music, but then i wanted to greate my own style, maybe my own genre. So i started to use more inspiration at composing new tracks and same time i played my first gig, at august 2013 in school disco. That gig went pretty well and since of that i have been invited to many other gigs at bar, clubs, discos and more. Maybe my first electronic musican artist role models was Daft Punk and Tiesto. My first own tracks were such as messy crap,

but i made them as a test, how people would react in my music, after that i started to create Electro House, House and EDM Music, with puplic “Standards” but adding my own ideas and inspiration to them. Then people started to listen my music, and telling me that my tracks are good. This hapened at 2015. Now in this year 2016, i have made many my own tracks and remixes, i have also made many DJ Mixes. My Production is going on good light step by step, making my name known, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but maybe next week people can hear my music from their local radio, we’ll see that then. Afterall, Music have gived to me great Attention and Fame, also good vibes and Fantastic situations, like Gigs. My music will give me, what it gives Later. I have not promoted my music allmost at all, i should,but its so complicated, nowadays music business is raw, if you dont have a money, you dont shine, but i have chosen underground side, because when you get famous on underground, your music are not played in radios, and when you are famous in underground side, and later you jump to mainstream side, you will stay in there, maybe forever. We’ll see whats coming up tomorrow. Though im 20 years old, so i have more experiences ahead.