A native of Miami, Florida, DJ Miik Martorell has spent the last 14 years living the dream he seemed destined for from childhood. Miik followed his dream and by age 19 was ... read more
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Location: Miami, United States United States
Genre: Hip-Hop, House

A native of Miami, Florida, DJ Miik Martorell has spent the last 14 years living the dream he seemed destined for from childhood. Miik followed his dream and by age 19 was working as an On-Air personality for WKLG Radio in Key Largo, Florida. Radio, although enjoyable, was not quite what Miik had hoped for. Miik craved the energy that he knew would only come from a live audience.

In the early 90’s, Miik worked in the retail sector as music and media manager for Best Buy. His efforts their expanded the company’s music and singles selections to include the hot new category of dance music and remixes. In his off hours, Miik picked up a lighting and sound job for a comedy improv company. After one of the group’s shows, Miik’s superb musical interaction with the comedians and his incorporation of dance music which achieved a high energy performance caught the attention of the owner of the popular Miami Beach comedy club, The Comedy Zone. He was so impressed by Miik’s performance that he offered him a residency at his comedy club and dance club Rebar. Through his time at The Comedy Zone, Miik has worked with such heavy hitters as Tommy Davidson, Sherman Helmsley, Carlos Mencia and Lea Delaria just to name a few. Although working with actors and comedians came naturally to Miik, making a nightclub jump all night long was quite a different scenario. What would have been a challenge to most people was just par for the course for this brilliant young DJ.

DJ Miik, now a bankable name in the South Florida nightclub arena, has had a series of record-breaking accomplishments. He was the youngest DJ, at age 23, to be given residency at one the of world’s oldest and most successful nightclubs, The Copa in Ft Lauderdale, a first in it’s nearly three decade history. He was labeled the most versatile DJ in South Florida by David Magazine, spinning a potpourri of music that spans the decades from early disco to 80’s, 90’s and today to pop and top 40, hip hop, reggae and even Latin music like salsa, merengue and reggaeton. Miik has been favorably reviewed in publications across the country including David Magazine & The 411 Magazine in Florida, HX Magazine in New York and international publication XY Magazine. MSN’s City Search and NAJM websites have both rated him top honors scoring the highest possible rating a DJ can receive. Miik holds the title of longest running resident DJ in the southeastern United States at a major nightclub with nearly 9 years spinning Fridays at both the Saint and Coliseum in Ft Lauderdale. His recent performance at the 2007 White Party as one of their Premier DJs became the largest event of the weekend with over 4,000 people attending. His substantial credentials and respect of his piers earned him a coveted spot as a Billboard Magazine reporter making him one of only 150 DJs in the world that who’s playlists are used to determine Billboard Magazines Hot Dance Chart. DJ Miik is also one of the best known DJs in Florida having played for nearly a million people in his short 13 year career. Miik’s most memorable event was playing along side Peter Rauhofer at The White Party’s headlining event, White Starz in 2007 attended by nearly 5,000 people.

Commitment to community, music and most of all, his clientele have made Miik one of the most respected individuals in the industry. “Giving back is not an option, it’s a requirement. I have been blessed with so much that it just wouldn’t fell right not to pay it forward.” he said. When asked what gave him the leg up in such a competitive industry, he quoted his long time friend, mentor and legendary South Beach DJ Bugie “Everyone plays the same popular records you do, but what will separate you from the rest is your presentation. Your energy comes through your music so if you’re not having fun your audience isn’t either.” These words have stuck with him throughout his career and have reminded him to never forget where he came from.

Miik’s future plans include continuing his illustrious Florida & US DJ career, writing and performing music, producing commercially released dance music compilations and taking on an active tour schedule.