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Miguel Picasso

Málaga, Spain


4Kenzo Recordings, Astro Recordings, Bedroom Muzik
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Miguel Picasso, Dj and producer internationally renowned, covering a wide spectrum of musical sub-styles which includes all the latests tendencies in Club music, Funky House, Tribal and Tech House, focusing mainly on the Dancefloor and all filtered by a very personal and glamourous point of view.

He’s been owning residencies at prestigious Clubs in Spain such as Space of Sound, Dreamers, Pacha, Passion, Emporio, and Festivals as Freedom (Torremolinos) and Infinita (Madrid).

Right now at Kluster, the most successful gay club in Madrid.

His weight as a producer is unquestionable, he has recorded for labels as Sony Music, Warner, Stealth Records, Stereo Recordings, Blanco y Negro, 4Kenzo, Pornostar, Beatfreak, Houseworks, etc. And his own label, Astro Recordings.

Between his productions, we can highlight a few: his big hit “Physical”, a remix of Olivia Newton-John’s classic tune; his single “I like the Old School”, “Movin”, “Don’t Stop”, “The Rhythm of the Night” which reached number 1 @ Beatport, the reference for Dance Music worldwide.

His tracks have been included in world-famous compilations as “Release Yourself” by Roger Sanchez, “Live @ Roxy III” and “I love New York”, by,Peter Rauhofer, several by Matinee Group, Pacha, Heaven, Blanco y Negro, to name a few.


- Waiting (2012, Vendetta Records)

- Polysexual (2012, Sorryshoes Records Germany)

- Bad (2012, Pornostar Records)

- The First Rebirth (2012, Sun Coast Sound)

- Torremolinos (2012, Insolito Records)

- Be Water The Remixes (2012, Suma Records)

- Dirty Thinking (2012, Kult Records NY)

- The Beat (2012, Beatfreak Records)

- Be Water (2011, Suma Records)

- House Music is my Drug / I Like It Funky (2011, Pornostar Records)

- You make me feel (2011, 4Kenzo Recordings,)

- Show me your love (2011, Bedroom Muzik) (Vocals by Rebeka Brown)

- Sunny (2010, Astro Recordings)

. Pushing (2010, Vendetta Records)

. Pasion Infinita (2009, Astro Recordings)

- Rendez-Vous a Paris (2009, Astro Recordings)

. Atmosphere (2008, Vendetta, Blanco y Negro)

- The Rhythm of the Night (2008, Vendetta, Blanco y Negro)

- Don’t Stop (2008, Stealth Records)

- The Beat Conductor (2007, Stereo Digital, Stereo Productions)

- Promised Land (2007, Vendetta, Blanco y Negro)

- Spirit of Love (2007, Sun Coast Records)

. Identify (2007, Sun Coast Records)

- Inside you (2007, Domo Recordings)

- Movin – (2006, Stealth Records)

- Istambul – (2006, Bass Records, Bcn/Germany)

- Let’s Groove/ Love is a game – (2006, Technics Rec.)

- Sensual Desire (2006, Blanco y Negro Music)

- Supernova (2005, Elektrica Rec.)

- Physical (2005, White)

- Let me tell Ya (2005, Katering Recordings)

- I like the old school (2004, Domo Rec.)

- Dangerous (2004, House Works)

- Muscles (2004, Weekend Records)

- Este Dolor (2004, Sony Music) (Included in Flamenco Chill In)

- Tropical Heat (2003, Domo Rec.) (Included in cd Freedom 2003)

- Eyes Wide Shut / Total Eclypse (2003, Bonita Música, white label)

- What makes the world go round (2003, Weekend Records)

- I miss you (2003, Aniss Records)

- Southern Nights (2003, Sony Music) (Included en Chambao, Chill Flamenco)

- I like the way (2002, Weekend Records)

- We are really bad (2002, Domo Rec.)

- Afrolektronic (1998, Rods Music)

- The Dance of Love (1998, Rods Music)


Falko Niestolik – “That Sound”

(2012, La Factoria Records)

Crazibiza – “Sunshine Days”

(2011, Pornostar Records)

The Mae – “Chulita”

(2011, Insolito Records)

Edgar Vm & Neil – “Funk Planet”

(2011, La Factoria)

Voltereto – “Come Together”

(2009, Astro Recordings)

The Free Radicals Formation – “Reign”

(2009, Fat XL Records)

Magic Solutions – “Wet Dreams”

(2009, Astro Recordings)

Gadjo – “All Right”

(2008, Vendetta – Blanco y Negro)

Alex Gomez, Bias y Jorge Montia – “Luna del Caribe”

(2008, Wandu Records)

Spit – “Falling”

(2008, Wandu Records)

Juice String . “Sex Weed”

(2008, Stealth Records)

Cesar del Rio – “Passion”

(2008, Frecuencies Recordings)

Edu Reyes – “I’m the Soul”

(2007, Frecuency Recordings)

La Union – “Vuelve el amor”

(2006, Warner)

Dj Disciple – “Yes”

(2006, Catch 22 Recordings New York)

Maris & Moreno – “Can you feel it”

(2005, Housetravaganza Rec.)

Anthony Class – “Welcome”

(2005, Standard Records)

Buggin Experience – “Ur a lier”

(2005, House Works)

Ferrero, del Moral & Gee More “Elektrogee”

(2004, House Works)

Dj Pitfall – “Play On”

(2004, Bonita Musica Rec)

Anthony Class – “Winter Moon”

(2003, Domo Rec.