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Dewaine a.k.a. DJ Mighty Mouse, founder and manager of the Drunken-Monk Crew based in Connecticut has been spinning for 10 years. Spinning House Music, then progressing to Trance, Breaks, Techno, Hip-Hop style Drum & Bass/Jungle, Hardcore & Happy Hardcore and Hip-Hop.

His first Gig was Realizations – the Longest Dance Party in Hartford, Connecticut? at the Municipal Cafe’. Then Beat-O-Honey was the first Big Party he spun at back in March 18, 2000.

He spun for the slouchcru Afterhours Party (UnitedMinds) after their first big party back in May 26, 2001. He also was a Resident DJ at Xando’s Coffee Shop in Hartford on Sunday Night; other resident DJ’s were the Headman (that ran the night), Tim Reese a.k.a. Torrential, Gangreen, Mankind, Mighty Mouse, Phil Harmonic, Sonar and Joey Fresh.

Now he is a resident DJ at The Municipal Cafe’ Nightclub New Afterhours weekly [Spiritual Evolution].

He also spins on the radio station at Uconn with DJ Torrential on 91.7 FM WHUS. He also does House Parties and Outlaw parties on his off time. The first party that he threw with his friend Dan a.k.a. DJ Trek and Ty DJ Phuket was Drunken Style 101 done with JJ Blades from Spiritual Emporium.