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Mieka Du Franx

Hollywood, United States


Draft, Felinephonix Music
Mieka Du Franx Beatport


Originally ascending from the east coast of the US, Mieka’s explorations of house began during the early nineties in NYC. Fifteen yrs old and clubbing at Manhattan’s biggest house clubs, Mieka found herself tuned into to the early sounds of house pioneers Masters At Work, Cajmere, and Derrick Carter. Mieka’s passion for rhythmic beats was explored as a young girl growing up listening to her father and brother’s professional drumming. As she matured under the influence of beats, she naturally gravitated towards house music. Her curiosities for the underground led her behind the scenes, where she discovered her desire to contribute to house music was much more than a cover charge at a club.

In 1996 Mieka set off various projects that included, underground house events, promotions and DJ management under the name felinephonix. Along with her engagements in the business aspects, her hobby for record collecting no sooner developed into her love for mixing. She hosted and held a residency at a weekly called “Dynamix” at Club Fusion in her hometown of Stamford, CT. One year later Mieka held a thousand person house party called, “Boogie Down” featuring top DJs. While coordinating the event a chance encounter with the illustrustrator of San Francisco�s XLR8R resulted in Mieka becoming a distributor for the magazine.

Her formal training began at Northeastern University where she majored in the Music Industry. Her studies in Boston provided a solid foundation concentrated on music theory, recording, and music business. After two years at the University, Mieka’s ambitions for hands-on training became her focus, so she made the decision to set out for a program that would develop her interest in recording and production. Shortly thereafter, Mieka relocated to New York City where she was employed at Satellite Records as a Public Relations Coordinator and also attended The New School to study MIDI. From there Mieka spent a year in Miami, Florida collaborating with Felinephonix partner, DJ Dazha on various underground events and weekly at Club Blue. In addition her involvement in the house movement down south, she was also employed at the Winter Music Conference in 2000 for an advertising position that prepared promotional material for all registered attendees. In 2001, Mieka moved to Hollywood, California to attend The Musicians Institute where she enrolled in the RAP program for recording, studio production, and digital media, earning a certificate in Recording Arts. Upon completion of school, Mieka held a job as a house buyer for a local record store in Los Angeles. Simultaneously, during her free time she focused on recording original music and DJing.

Through persistence and dedication, her advancements in mixing floorboard rocking DJ sets have notably taken a front seat. “My recorded mixes are a representation of the experiences I’ve had, those parties I can’t forget and a channel for me to give back that hype that I’m still feeling.” Her sets have gained her recognition that has given her the opportunity to deliver that hype via Internet, community service radio broadcasts, and participation in charity events. From east coast to west, Mieka has DJed numerous underground parties from upstate warehouses to New York armories. She’s worked the decks of premiere nightclubs to name a few – Stereo (Montreal, CA), Club Blue (Miami, FL), The Bank (NYC), Alchemy (New Haven, CT), and The Knitting Factory (Los Angeles, CA).

Her fondness for house music is nothing less than premiere avant-garde productions, with a focus on superior bass lines that shake the ass. “House goes through trends, no matter what is hot at any given time, I play what I love and what makes me move. I’m a dancer at heart so I know what works on the floor, if I’m not shaking my ass to the track, it’s not making the cut.” Aside from Djing, Mieka is also spending time in the studio collaborating with Canada’s DJ/producer, Jay Tripwire on future track releases. As a multimedia artist, she is currently designing websites, promoting DJs and producers for her online “Turn On DJ” publication, as well as managing A & R for her record label Felinephonix Music.