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Sacramento, United States

Drum & Bass, Electro House

Good Vibes
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Microdot is a DJ and producer originating from the Sacramento area, that has mastered the arts of bringing dance floors to life with his quick mixing talents and bass heavy/progressive genres. Microdot is known to interact with his crowds and cut samples, making every set a unique and exciting experience. This artist is also known for his abilities to quickly mix and blend any genres by ear, and is able to spin effectively on any type of equipment. Whether it be technic1200 decks with vinyl records, cdjs, controllers, samplers or even just software, he brings a unique style of mixing and blending fresh tracks. When Mike Westin was a child, he used to play with on an old turntable with vinyl records like Disco Duck/StarWars and others. At a young age he began to follow his dreams and interests in music. Mike was originally inspired to start spinning through genres like dnb/hardcore, electro and psytrance. He became addicted to the music and could be found helping out with numerous types of events. When Mike created his 1st mix he was offically reborn as Microdot, who has been growing as an artist ever since and now is one of Sacramento’s most desired DJs and a pioneer as a producer, able to bring back lost genres in a new light. Recently microdot is collaborating multiple types of events in the Northern California region and has opened/closed/tag-teamed with many other top performers. At one point he was also the regional field sales manager for At&t’s event marketing program, giving him an unseen knowledge about putting on successful events. Whether a club, permitted rave, underground rave, outdoor or other type of event, Microdot is known for spinning fresh, face melting tracks that get the dance floor raging and raving no matter what genres he’s mixing. Catch microdot in the mix for the trip of a lifetime you won’t forget!

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