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Regina, Canada


Relish Records
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DJ Mickey has been spinning for almost three years now. Primarily, his style has been breaks. However, recently he has begun to play mainly breakbeat and techno. Mickey’ influences are numerous, however most notable would be DJ John Kelley, Adam Freeland, Tipper, Rennie Pilgrim and Phuture. These influences shape the breaks aspect of Mickey’ style. His Techno flavour comes from countless minds and DJ’ of the world.

Mickey does not know exactly why he started playing records. Aside from a passion for the music and a love of the local scene, it is hard to pinpoint the exact motive. He just did it, and all this chaos has ensued.

The list of events Mickey has played is almost endless. At first, he would open up the night for larger talent but now he is breaking into prime-time spots. What makes Mickey’ sets that much more interesting is that now he plays his own original tracks. This makes him that much more impossible to imitate. Presently, these tracks will only be available on Mickey’ CD.

Mickey presently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada although he “grew up” in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His CD, “Bam” is available now.