Top 50k on The DJ List

Mickey Franco

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Electro House, Techno

CUBEREC, Eye Records, NOSI Music
Mickey Franco Beatport


Mickey Franco has been around music since the tender age of 10 when he played cello in his school orchestra. He later traded in that instrument for a bass and a guitar and started playing in various rock bands. In 2000, at the age of 20, he found a new interest in electronic music when he went to his first raves. He had been captivated by this so called house music and the dj`s that spun this type of music. He knew right then and there that this is what he wanted to do.

In 2002 he was able to get a job at a famous local night club in Guatemala called Zeo as a resident dj and started saving up to buy his equipment. At the same time he also started playing with a local music promotion agency called Grooveholics led by Guatemalan dj Julio San Juan as well as obtaining a one night a week residency in a night club in El Salvador called The Third Floor alongside his mate and fellow dj Manolo Mart­.

2003 was the year that launched Mickey Franco deep inside the Guatemalan electronic music scene. He started playing at practically every rave or party with an electronic music theme to it, playing in parties such as the infamous Rave del Castillo and appearing in radio shows all over Guatemala. At the end of this year he won a local dj contest that caught the attention of many party goers in his country and abroad. This year he was catalogued by local newspaper ‘Siglo 21’ as “The most successful dj of the year” and was nominated by ‘Aplauzo’ magazine to best dj act of 2003.

The next year he formed part of a residency with Heineken music alongside two other local dj`s as well as maintaining a residency with Omega Muzik and El Colectivo. He began emphasizing his time towards his new musical productions and kept playing at every party that he could.

Mickey has played alongside a long list of international dj’s such as Marcelo Castelli, Martin Accorsi, Austin Leeds, Armand S, Willy San Juan, Albert Vera, Vatos Locos, Neuromotor, Habersham, Dave Preston and Phillip Charles. Mickey’s sets are usually very uplifting defined by sounds of techno with a bit of progressive and tribal house. His musical productions have gotten to the hands of many dj`s such as Marcelo Castelli, Martin Accorsi, Francis D’vila, Albert Vera and his longtime mate Alberto Vale. He has played in places such as Slak Lounge (Miami), Elements (El Salvador) and Quench (Miami) and is planning to make this year 2005 his best.