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Born in Luxemburg Michel was bitten by the music in 1986 and very fast he recognize that music will take a strong part in is life. 1987 Michel get involved to the dj skills and after his school – leaving examination on 1988 Michel started is dj career with Hip Hop and scored a residency in Germany. But end of 1988 Michel get very influnced by the New Wave scene on the top of it Depeche Mode, New Order etc…, and he moved over to Paris where he had the chance to be resident at the legendary Mainstream Club Bain – Douche.

During this time Michel produced he’s first single “Want ya Back” and a year later an Album came out. But Michel saw himself more as a dj like an producer because hanging around in studios was not his world yet, to thrill his audience to manipulate them with any style of music was essential for him.

On 1992 Michel came back to Luxemburg were he start to work as resident at the number one Club in town “Casablanca”.

His impeccable record choice and excellent mixing skills assure him an Award from Nightlife Report Magazin for best dj 1995 in the Grand-Duchy,and in the upcoming years he played in different club’s in Tel Aviv Israel, Germany, Belgium, The Netherland and France, as well on several festivals like MUSIC FESTIVAL RENNES, The UK TRIBLE GATHERING, Germany RUHR IN LOVE, GARDEN OF EDEN, Luxemburg E-LAKE and CZECH REPUBLIC.

On 94 as the co-founder of a new party concept in Luxemburg he launched the Outland Party where he played together with is studio partner Marino Berardi and nowend names like Sven Van Hees, Secret Cinema, Michel De Hey, Remy, Dimitry, and more

In 96-97 he catch in Tel Aviv Israel and at the same time he started an other residency in The Elevator a very knowend Underground Club in Luxemburg.

In 99 Michel reduce a bit he’s activity in dance music cause of the birth of his daughter.

In 2005 Michel started finaly again to produce he’s own music for the label Banshe Worx.