Top 25k on The DJ List

Michael Manson

Hartford, United States

House, Minimal, Techno


Michael Manson started out just like most other Djs with a passion for music. This passion started at an early age, but at the time didn’t understand how Dance Music would become one of the greatest driving forces in his life.

In 1998 and with the help of a High School friend and an ad at Mutiny Records for a set of Technic Turntables the process was in full motion. Being an active member of the rave community there were many Djs and Promoters that have given Mike at that time much advise and direction, but none more at this time than Madame Buddafly.

Taken under the wing of a great dj early on helped shape his ear for music and the ability to put music together. With a lot of practice, listening, and watching other Djs play events Mike started to understanding the key elements that make a DJ.

In 1999 an event being produced by Columns of Knowledge in conjunction with Goddess Productions called Kitty would lead to Mikes first Gig. Located at the West Indian Club in Hartford Ct this location was no stranger to Mike. This venue held many rave events and besides the Municipal Cafe was responsible for a majority raves that were located in Connecticut.

Opening the night was Madame Buddafly and Mike Manson. As people starting coming in and started dancing Mike knew this was something he wanted to do. This was the rush he’d been looking for.

Getting his first residency at the Municipal Cafe which was hosted by Spiritual Emporium was the first big opportunity Mike had. Spiritual Emporium was responsible for the longest running after-hours night club in Ct and possibly New England. Playing every week for nearly 6 years while the rave scene was at its most popular time in Connecticut helped shape Mikes skills behind the decks and crowd control on the floor.

Now with over twelve years of experience Mike is entering a new stage of DJing by moving over to the digital age using new technologies and computers to push the music to new heights.

Check for updates and events schedules to hear Mike in action.

Thank You for all your support.