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Becoming known for his fabulous loft parties in the heart of New York City, amongst his many other party credits, Michael Hades’ name is steadily rising. This DJ has a flare for that old school New York bump. That is the sound that made New York City famous and now he’s taking it back!

Michael discovered house music through Victor Calderone at The Roxy and Junior Vasquez at Twilo. Both DJ/Producers are major influences in his musical career. Other influences musically from the scene are Larry Levan and Mel Cheren. Musical influences from home include his grandfather, family and many music teachers.

Michael is an All State Musician and has studied and performed in classical, jazz, funk, and more.

During the peak of the dot com boom in New York City the dance scene was booming, and it was at this time Michael discovered house music. He was amazed how the house music clubs brought everyone of all colors, sexuality, social class together in one space dancing together as one. Today that is the vibe Michael is bringing back through his loft parties in New York City.

In the New York City scene, Michael has worked with Man of the Arts setting up dcor in Crobar, Spirit, Pacha, Exit/Earth, and more. He participated in the music video for Kevin Aviance’s Billboard Hit “Alive”. Michael works closely with the House of Aviance in creating that New York City club experience. Michael has performed opening DJ sets for Grammy Award winning DJ/Producers like Peter Rauhofer and Hex Hector. You can catch Michael with his guest spots at Mr. Black’s Tubway party and Hades Music’s Gay Pride Parade Party on Fifth Avenue in association with House Of Aviance.

Michael Hades has been working hard on establishing himself as a DJ in New York and is launching the Hades Music record label. Hades Music’s first release, House Thing by Puritain, won recognition from the master himself, Junior Vasquez, as BEST IN THE JUNIORVERSE, NON JUNIOR TRACK. The second release, In A Song by bobbyblue, has made it onto the Billboard Dance Charts!



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Michael Hades