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Michael Freeze

Hartford, United States

Electro House, Tech House

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In 1997 Mike moved to San Diego in the Navy and soon stepping onto the rave scene going to and later playing for a few like “Nocturnal Wonderland” Audiotistic, Nocturnal, How Sweet It Is, And Juju Beads in LA. In 1999 he danced for LA’s hottest Clubs “The Palace Afterhour Power”, Key Club and Giant. Also was a dancer and a glow sticking performing artist with the Warner Bros Drunkin Monkey Glowsticking Team and later was a solo performing act for E st Ally at 12am every Saturday night. In 2000 involved in the San Diego club scene and Pauli P Productions, largest promotions company in San Diego, he was one of the Top Street Promoters. He started an entertainment label, “Nightbreed Ent,” and Afterhours club " Club Twilight" at Blue Agave with 300+ in attendance 3am -11am every Saturday night. Breaking boundaries as the first official SD afterparty of well known, “Club Rubber” and first After hours held in San Diego in 7 years. His first residency he played along Side two longtime friends DJ impulse and DJ skyline dropping some of the hottest and hardest Hard trance with acid bass lines that would kill anyone on the dance floor. In 2001 Michael was a DJ, Promotional Manager, and Talent Project Assistant for “Evolution Records” / “Club Ultra.” Michael soon after assisted in producing a Remix for, Hard House Club Hit “ Give It Up For Your Djs “ which was later droped on Tidy Boy Records. Mike formed many business and friend relationships with AM Only and One World Ent, Javier Lugo and Marcos Vasquez And Artists like Richard Humpty, Dj Irene, Miss Lisa, Mijangos, Perry Farell, Bad Boy Bill, dj Dan, Von Shock, dj Mea, Lavelle and Scooter of LSDJS, Maris, Thomas Michael, Dj Theron, Warp Brother and Jeff Heart of philly to name a few. Michael held residences and played All over California, even playing as far as Las Vegas With Talent like Warp Brothers, Dave London, Sunessentail UK Brothers, Dave Raulph, Jon Bishop, Dj Dan, Beetlejuice, dj Simply jeff, Baby Ann, LSDJS, Donald Glaude, DJ Mea, Miss Lisa, Dj Pollywog, Dj Micro, Dj Jupe, and Maris With his on slot of Hard Trance tracks that would drive people into insanity. He play many Well Know cluds Like Club Ultra. GET Naughty afterhours, Morning sickness @ Hollywood Star and Ole madrids and was aflliliated with One Zero One, Evoloution Records, Naughty Prod and Nightbreed ent. In 2003 Michael moved back to Connecticut to help take care of grandfahter and to start something for the home crowd. During his time back he has held residences at Starz nigthclub (Southington) Municapal cafe raver club (Hartford), Club Blue (Hartford), “Stimulate” Room 960 (Hartford), “Exotic Beats” Mardi Gras (Springfield Ma) and played countless rave and club parties at Vibe club ( Hartford ), Asylum Club ( Springfield,Ma ), Club Allure ( Springfield, MA ) The Muni (Hartford), Room 960, Funkton ( New Haven ), Elevate (New Haven) Gotham (New Haven). He was affiliated with Crews like Traumatic Prod,, Imagine Prod ( RIP MY BOY JAMES ) and few other old school crews and worked with well known Dj Knowledge of crew Column of Knowledge in the hartford club scene. During Michael’s experiences while Djing /promoting from San Diego to Connecticut he has played with some of the best talent in the US and Europe and is an up and comer not to be taken lightly when it come to his passion. With 30+ numerous past residencies from coast to coast he learned fast and from the best. When Playing Hard Trance he would Lay track after track of rolling acid bass lines to get the sound he needs no wonder his style was from another world. As of this Year he has started Djing and promoting again, he was taking a break for some years to find self and trash all the negitive in his life. Well now Mike Ice is back in full force thanks to very special people that brought it back in him like a burning inferno. The years off didn’t change anything other then Mike is now dropping the dirtiest Electro house you can think of. His intense energy is not only seen in his mixing but also his presentation using every trick such as skilled effects, dancing or yelling to become one with the crowd and thowing out intense energy. He will not stop until every last person is rocking to the beat, Without saying, this is one DJ to look for. Don’t miss the chance to have him FREEZE your mind, Body and soul under his control of the dancefloor !!!!!!