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Michael has been listening to Dance music since 1991. A normal listener to RnB until he heard a mix tape with artist such as "Outlander, Joey Beltram, Smarties, JnJ, Acen, etc… he was hooked ever since.

He started to dj in 1995 starting on two rack stereos side by side mixing in and out with only the volumes, eventually buying different types of Technics tables and cheap mixers until finally getting 1200s.

Michael hasn’t had a set style that he continually plays, it’s always been what ever he feels like from styles as hard house, progressive house to trance & even sometimes breaks. Starting out at local house parties and as just a hobby he now has a residency on Tuesday nights at the Saint in the lounge room from 11pm to 2am.

Hoping to further his career in music he has obtained certification in Audio Engineering and hopes to Remix and Produce music in the future along with obtaining more club residencies.